Studio Newsletter: July 2016

On July 22 I will be participating in Montalvo's 5 Hour Pop-Up Sculpture event with ten other artists; Andrea Blum, Zoltan DiBartolo, Rodney Ewing, Kija Lucas, Monica Lundy, Chelsea Pegram, Kate Rannells and Terese Taylor as part of the artist group the Art Escapists. Join us at Montalvo to watch our sculpture come together and to enjoy Montalvo's grounds for the evening with food trucks, music and art. For more information, visit the event's website. I hope to see you there!

Rock the Garden gets a shout out on Congratulations Pine TreeListen here

Steady progress continues on Love, Inertia, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Stance. Weston (my awesome apprentice) and I are busy chipping away at the mighty to-do list, prioritizing parts related to the drive train: fuel, air, wiring, and cooling systems. There is no instruction manual for integrating all that is going into this frankenstein, so we continue on with a cocktail of elaborate mockups, internet forum research, precious advice from expert friends, and wild guesses.

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