Studio Newsletter: August 2016

5 hr Sculpture_photo by Airyka Rockefeller_2016-21.jpg

On July 22nd, I had the pleasure of creating a large, temporary and site-specific sculpture entitled Sunshine Snarl, made out of 3,000 feet of glow-in-the-dark rope, for the 5 Hour Pop-Up Sculpture event at Montalvo Art Center. The event was packed with people as an amazing group of artists created and performed engaging works throughout the villa grounds. Sunshine Snarl is the third iteration of this playful process, the first of which, Honey Tangle, created in 2015, is on view indefinitely at Villa Montalvo as part of their Art on the Grounds collection. With these pieces I intentionally depart from my usual way of working, a practice which consists of methodical planning and precision that requires powered machines. I jump right in, twisting and tangling construction grade cordage into free-form and visually complex sculptures that reframe the landscape on which they are dependent. As the sun set,Sunshine Snarl began to glow and took on an entirely different and surprising presence. Thanks to everyone who made it out for the event. For those who weren't able to see Sunshine Snarl, visit my website to learn more.

Escape Vehicle was created out of found desk parts that I collected during my time as a student at California College for the Arts (CCA). While at CCA I used Escape Vehicle as my desk in various furniture classes on the San Francisco campus, driving it from room to room and parking it where I wanted to sit. The piece is made to be a literal embodiment of all the daydreaming I was doing while in art school. When creating the piece I was thinking about the subtleties of steering geometry, including caster, camber and “ackerman” turning radii. The front edge of the desk serves as a steering wheel and the operators propel themselves by pushing forward the back wheels, similar to a wheelchair. The use of the sculpture around campus unexpectedly highlighted some accessibility issues around the campus architecture.