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Honey Tangle


Three iterations
3000 feet golden cord and glow-in-the-dark cord
Variable dimensions
Montalvo Arts Center, Art on the Grounds and Alameda Naval Base

Over the last year I have had the pleasure of creating three iterations of a large, temporary and site-specific sculptures. Each made out of 3,000 feet of both yellow construction grade cord and glow-in-the-dark rope. Two of the pieces were created at Montalvo Arts Center and one at the Alameda Naval Base, where my studio resides. Although the second and third pieces, Honey Tangle II and Sunshine Snarl, were ephemeral, you can view Honey Tangle I at Montalvo Arts Center as part of their permanent Art on the Grounds collection. 

With these pieces I intentionally depart from my usual way of working, a practice which consists of methodical planning and precision that requires powered machines. I jump right in, twisting and tangling construction grade cordage into free-form and visually complex sculptures that reframe the landscape on which they are dependent. 

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Montalvo-Pop Up Plein Air6998.jpg
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The making of Honey Tangle II