Studio Newsletter: May 2016

Headlands Center for the Arts
at Fort Mason Center, June 1

On June 1st I will be exhibiting Love, Inertia and the Pursuit of the Perfect Stance at Fort Mason Center for the Headlands Center for the Arts 2016 Benefit Auction. As I approach the completion of the piece, I am thrilled to be presenting the van in public for the first time in over a year. Check out my January blog post to see my progress in 2016! Stay tuned for upcoming performance dates in the Bay Area!

The auction is a ticketed event that benefits the incredible programs at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Purchase tickets and learn more about the event on the Headlands website below. I hope to see you there!

Art Escapists: Honey Tangle 2

I had the pleasure of hosting the Art Escapists at my Alameda studio in April. I took the opportunity to make a large process-based installation piece on the roof. In contrast to my usual approach, my goal was to work quickly and without a plan, no measurements or calculation, purely responding to the immediate environment and rolling with the punches. The product of the day's effort was a tangled web of golden day-glow cord, great for naps or taking in the view. The piece was inspired by a similar installation I did for Montalvo Arts Center's Art on the Grounds

About the Art Escapists: "Contemporary artists making art in nature. While our concept is rooted in the tradition of plein air, our techniques are not."

The Angler
2010, Wood, Steel and Cast iron

In 2010 I built Angler as part of a vehicle series that includes Air Ride ChairEscape VehicleToolbarrow,Lois FrostPerch, and The Van. Each sculpture explores a specific function and movement dictated by the operator. 

With a symbolic lightbulb overhead, Angler is both the hunter, luring in ideas and creativity as prey, and the obedient mule following a "carrot" on a stick.  The operator sits nestled between wood-treaded tracks and has control of a worm gear driven by a hand winch that can cast out the "bait."
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